The Unfiltered Truth About Tebow

It’s not rocket science why Tim Tebow is so polarizing. It’s part Jesus…and part Tim Tebow.

Listen, I cringe at the “Tebowing” kneeling posture that has somehow become larger than planking. But do you know how many football players kneel on one knee before a game or on the sideline to get focused before the game? Take a look the next time you get a chance. There’s quite a bit. The fact that Tebow is praying when he does it instead of listening to rap music that celebrates guns, drugs, sex, and more sex seems to really bother most of the other NFL teams, ESPN, NFL Network and FOX Sports.

I can understand the hesitancy and skepticism of most people. We’ve been sold the fakes so many times that our first instinct now is to dismiss Tebow as another nut job that one day is going to get found out. How many “Jesus” players have ended up in the news with drug charges, late night arrests, and overall fairly selfish behavior in life?

Then there is the actual gameplay of Tebow. He plays like a linebacker, talks like a pastor, leads like a general, and has a competitive fire of the likes we haven’t seen since….Michael Jordan. We don’t know what in the world to do with him. How is he 4-1?

Every player that has ever played with him says the same exact thing. I believe in him. He’s the biggest competitor on the team. He’s a beast. He can’t throw an out pattern to save his life but he can run over the middle linebacker, get up and do it again on the next play. He’s smart enough to figure out what the defense is doing and what he SHOULD do with the ball. He just can’t always do it. He’s what Ray Lewis would have been like as a quarterback.

I don’t think Tebow is the long-term answer for the Broncos. This run has been nice in terms of the record but it’s painful to watch. And one bad game by the defense renders this offense completely obsolete. See the Lions game.

However, I’m tired of announcers and players trashing and making fun of Tebow because instead of buying bling and Bentleys, he’s building hospitals in the Philippines. Instead of being a jerk and talking in 3rd person, he walks by kids with jerseys and hats and signs autographs until he’s pulled away.

I’m pulling for him. I hope he gets this throwing the ball accurately thing down. Because if he does, he’s going to be a beast of a quarterback and a heck of a leader.

But if he doesn’t get it figured out – the only thing that will be true is that he’s not an NFL quarterback. I’m guessing he’ll still sign autographs, build hospitals, and talk about Jesus.

And that’ll be okay too.

If he only had gone to Alabama.


2 thoughts on “The Unfiltered Truth About Tebow

  1. Many moons ago when the Rams played in LA, they got to the Super Bowl following a 9-0 defeat of the Tampa Bay Bucs. It wasn’t much fun to watch a defensive struggle in which the game’s only points came via 3 field goals. BUT…they won. And when it is all said and done, if you can win, even if it’s by winning ugly, you are better than the team you beat.

    I watched the Denver/SD game, and it is a bit nerve wracking to watch the Tebow led offense…it’s so non NFL. But in the end, they got the W.


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