BCS, Rematches, and The Hypocrisy of the Press

By now every one knows the situation of the BCS. LSU is the best team in the land and is sitting at Number 1. After them comes a host of one-loss teams that unfortunately will have to rely on politicking and the press to get a shot at the national championship game.

Here’s the lineup: Alabama (loss to LSU), Stanford (loss to Oregon), Virginia Tech (loss to Clemson – don’t ask me how), Oklahoma State (loss to Iowa State), Boise State (TCU), and then undefeated Houston which honestly is a joke but that’s another story for another time.

Which one ‘deserves’ the shot at LSU – given they beat (or don’t) Georgia? Let’s filter through some of the rhetoric.

Must win their conference championship. Really? So Stanford’s game against a pitiful UCLA team that just lost to USC by 50 is the ticket to the BCS Championship? The two best teams in the Pac-12 aren’t even in the game (Oregon and USC). The Big 10 champion will have two losses, so they are out. Big-12? Oh wait — they don’t have a championship game anymore because Texas didn’t want that game to ruin their shot at a BCS title.

Houston wins their conference – put them in, right? Oh but they aren’t part of the “club” of BCS schools so they are out. Virginia Tech makes a compelling argument but…

Pick the two best schools. This is where the losses matter. Iowa State, LSU, Clemson, Oregon – which is the best loss? Traditionally this is how the voters decide giving Alabama the most compelling argument but…

Every game counts means no rematch. This is the BCS slogan – every game counts. The playoffs are all season long. Which sounds great until you realize that even if LSU loses they are in the National Championship game due to the BCS rankings. So every game except the conference championship counts? Or maybe the BCS guys should say “every game counts but some more so than others.”

What we need is a playoff! Here is where the hypocrisy of the press really kicks in. I hear all the cries for a playoff but if that were the case – here are our top 10 teams and seedings.

LSU vs. Arkansas (rematch)
Alabama vs. Boise State
OSU vs. Houston
Stanford vs. Va Tech

If you had the top 10 you’ve added Oregon and Oklahoma. You see where I’m going with this?

Exactly – a playoff would have the possibility of 3 rematches, possibly more during the playoffs. So those who are calling for a playoff system, rematches could (and most likely would) happen every single year. If you want a playoff – not wanting a rematch can’t really be your war cry.

So what’s the solution?
There isn’t one. Some team is going to get the short end of the stick no matter how you slice it. There isn’t a “fair” way to determine the FBS National Champion. And there will never be until a playoff system is in place.

In the meantime — all I’m saying is Roll Tide, anyway.


5 thoughts on “BCS, Rematches, and The Hypocrisy of the Press

  1. All I know is if my team gets the short end of the stick im calling for playoffs, and if my team is in im fine with the system as it sits..hahaha


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