Topeka Eats: Flying Monkey

Location: corner of 17th & Washburn Road.
Kind of Food: coffees and light lunch – salad, sandwiches, quiche (maybe)
Date visited: Tuesday, December 6 at lunch

Here is the review from Food & Flicks. I had a very different experience.

First, it’s a cool looking, modern-minimalist place. No clutter, just a place that you would expect to have in a metropolitan area like Denver or the Plaza even. So – kudos for that.

Staff was friendly and engaging.


I ordered the quiche…and they didn’t have it. I then ordered their salad with hummus. And they didn’t have that. So I’ll go with the Turkey Club and they didn’t have that.

I quote my conversation with the cashier at this point.

Me: Okay…so why don’t you tell me what you do have on this menu.

Guy: Pretty much anything you see on the menu.

Me: I’m 0 for 3 ordering off the menu. Help me out a bit.

Guy: We have a soup.

Me: Great, what is it?

Guy: It’s the Soup de Jour.

Me: LONG PAUSE. So you’re telling me that the soup of the day is the soup of the day?
(To be fair, he could have trying to be funny and it just didn’t work. I couldn’t really tell.)

The other guy finally tells me it is a Cheese Ale soup. I order it. My buddy (who invited me to the place) ordered a Cranberry Chicken Salad Sandwich. We both ordered the Ecuadorian coffee. It was the best thing of the whole experience. The coffee was outstanding…a bit expensive…but outstanding.

The soup was good but tiny. Very tiny. Think small coffee cup size. My friend said his sandwich tasted great as well. But…

There is no way around this – it’s expensive. 7 to 9 dollars for a salad or a sandwiches that are medium to small portion sizes, with no chips or side or drink is a bit much. It’s like tourist prices….but without the view or travel.

What made it all the more disappointing was just yards away stood my favorite place to eat – The Burger Stand – where I could have gotten a huge hamburger, whole side of fries and a drink for the same price as my cup of coffee and cup of soup.

Overall Experience:
It’s a nice place. It is a quiet, comfortable place to meet and talk over coffee.

But don’t go there hungry. While the food quality is outstanding, the portion sizes versus pricing is considerably out of kilter.

UPDATE: Just learned that today was the first day they were serving food. A ‘soft open’ I believe is what they call it in the Biz. That may explain not having the full menu available.


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