BCS, Rematches Part 2

So I ended up being wrong. I thought that the human polls would vote OSU into the title game, not wanting to see another LSU-Bama game, pitting the conference champions against each other. Instead, the human element voted Alabama as #2 and into the National Championship game.

I would have been okay if Oklahoma State had been voted to go instead of Alabama. Disappointed but not “they was robbed!!!” upset. And I get that some OSU fans are a bit upset about not going to National Championship game but the BCS once again did what it was designed to do.

Before you go all postal on me, hear me out.

The BCS system was designed to accomplish 2 goals.

Goal 1: Put the top 2 teams in a championship game.
Goal 2: Do this without a playoff so that the Bowl System could still make all their money.

I don’t like it but it’s done it’s job every single year. Sure, every other sport in every other division has a playoff. But major college football isn’t about the championship. Never really has been. It’s been about the tradition, the money, the writers, the money, and the money. Before the BCS, the top 2 teams never met. Ever. Okay, maybe once every 15 or 20 years.

The BCS was the ultimate solution between those who really wanted a champion and the billion dollar behemoth of the Bowl system.

Don’t believe me? Look at the Sugar Bowl invitations this year. Or the Orange Bowl. They don’t care about the best match-up. Who is going to bring the most fans and hence, the most money.

As far Alabama as #2 team in the country? It’s fairly accurate. Alabama lost to LSU in OT. They fell in the rankings behind all the undefeated teams at the time – in which OSU was one. Then they all lost to teams they really should not have lost to. So that opened the door for Alabama to get back in at 2.

As far as toughness of schedule – OSU beat 4 top 25 teams (ranked at time they played them). Alabama got 5 on the schedule and beat 4 of them, lost to #1. So the rankings did have to come down to – who did each team lose to.

LSU averaged 40 points a game (minus the Alabama game). Alabama averaged 39 against the same competition (minus the LSU game). Margin of victory was practically identical. Both teams just manhandled every team they played — once they woke up after being bored in the first half.

What the BCS did cheat us out of this year was one heck of a playoff. Can you imagine this Elite Eight – LSU, OSU, Alabama, Stanford, Oregon, Oklahoma, Arkansas, Boise State. That would be 4 awesome weeks of football right there. That same four weeks we have to wait until January 9th.


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