LSU-Bama II for National Championship

These are the two best teams in the country. People might not want a rematch, might hate defensive football. Hate Saban or the Mad Hatter but the bottom line – these are the most talented, best coached teams in the country right now.

Reasons Alabama could win:

1. They are healthy…for the most part. There are a couple of defensive backs that are still on the mend but Barrow is back, rest of crew is healthy. Of course…so is LSU.

2. It’s hard to beat the same time twice in the same season. aka: Revenge factor.

3. Saban’s had 2 months to prepare. The first game was about Jarrett Lee then JJ comes in. A bit of confusion and adjustment resulted. This time, Tide will be focused on JJ.

4. Alabama left alot of points on field at last meeting. 19 if you are being generous.

Reason LSU could win:

1. They are healthy. See above.

2. BUT if they weren’t – they are the deepest team ever. It doesn’t seem to matter who goes down or gets suspended or arrested, there’s another guy with just as much speed and talent right behing him. Next Guy Up really is the culture at LSU. Every position is like this.

3. Superdome, aka LSU South. The dome is nuts when full. Super nuts with the Saints. Insane nuts for LSU. Ridiculous for National Championship games. Off the planet crazy if Saints in playoffs, full, and LSU is playing for the National Championship. Alabama travels about the best in the country, especially to the Sugar Bowl. Second to only…LSU.

4. Special Teams. It’s not just that LSU has incredible special teams – returners who can go the distance, kickers that don’t miss, and the ability to pull of the best fakes in the world. It’s also that Alabama’s special teams are the other kind of special. Like short bus kind of special. This is a huge advantage for the Bayou Bengals.

3 days and counting. LSU is 3 point favorite. This sounds about right.

Monday can’t get here fast enough.


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