King, Warrior, Lover, Friend

I’m going thru Men’s Frat with some guys at the church. (We meet at 6am on Tuesday mornings – consider this your invite.)

Before I get to the thing that hit me this morning – I got a glimpse of Bill Smith in the video this morning. That 2-second glance of his white head just sent a flood of memories to me. Who is Bill Smith, you ask? Bill was the host for Men’s Fraternity in Little Rock when Robert Lewis was teaching it. He’d start the morning off and moved guys into their small groups.

But more than that, Bill Smith was Rowland’s (my best friend) dad. He’d swing by the church office and take us to lunch when we were on staff together in Little Rock. The Smith family was always generous with us in terms of holidays and get-togethers. We were always invited and Bill was always there. His distinct voice and sense of humor filling the room.

I got to know Bill Smith in his ‘twilight’ years as cancer tore at his body. It never got to his mind or his heart for discipling and mentoring men. Bill gave me a fishing lure signed by Bill Dance and a signed copy of a devotional book that he wrote. I remember him telling pulling me off to the side one day and telling me – you’re a good friend to Rowland. Keep him out of trouble. I asked him how in the world did he expect me to do that when he couldn’t? That great laugh kicked in.

A neat moment this morning.

The 4 faces of manhood: King, Lover, Warrior, and Friend. A man needs to have balance in each and balance among them all. Robert did a great job defining what each of these faces look like in the scriptures but his words of what happens when they are out of balance are sticking with me:

King – too much is a TYRANT, too little is ABDICATION.
Lover – too much becomes a CRITIC, too little is COLD.
Warrior – too much is DESTROYER, too little is WIMP.
Friend – too much is USER, too little is LONER.

As we went around the circle this morning, one of my heroes asked the question – “I wonder where our wives would put us on this scale? That would give us a true picture of where we are really at.”

Great time this morning…even if I was a little late.


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