The Beyond Pain Series

We started a new series on Sunday called Beyond Pain. It was as intense and meaningful Sunday to open a series as I have ever experienced.

We completely darkened the room, had our entire stage draped in black cloth. We had the video playing below rolling. Basically a look at Psalm 6 in the Message with Rufus Cappadocia playing behind it. The screen stayed black as we had different people unveil the stage pictures that we had for the series. You could hear some of the gasps. Then the title screen was dropped.

Why did we go this length to intro the series this way? Because pain is both universal AND unique. We all experience it. We all experience it differently. Not all pain is equal. Not all pain is handled well. But all pain hurts and we spend crazy amounts of time, money, and energy either fixing our pain or avoiding it.

So ‘preparing the room’ gives people time to process and get ready to hear from the scriptures. Video below. You can catch the messages online here.



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