#18 To Denver Makes Sense

I tweeted this moments after the Manning/Colt news conference – The Broncos will land Manning.

I really believed that Elway would go after Manning. The major media outlets I felt like were missing the picture in this whole ordeal. None of them gave Denver a chance, saying that Washington and Seattle, KC and Arizona had better shots at Manning.

First – Seattle? Really? You think Manning would play for Pete Carroll on purpose? I never understood why Seattle made the Manning list. Carroll can’t really coach, it’s not a great team, weather is terrible. Never was going to happen in my mind.

Second – Washington? Shanahan doesn’t bend for anybody. Manning was not going to have control over that offense. Second, that team is a long way away from making the playoffs mainly because they will have to go through New York Giants (Manning the Younger) and the Cowboys and the Eagles to get there. OUT.

Third – KC. I did think Manning would at least stop by and visit KC. Never thought he would sign. Clark Hunt is no Lamar Hunt. And while the Chiefs seem to have a ton of great potential on offense and defense – they have yet to play up to that potential and with a new head coach, it’s not exactly a well established culture of leadership. And the Chiefs still don’t have an offensive coordinator.

I thought the Broncos had about an equal shot with Arizona. Arizona has the dome, great weather, Larry Fitzgerald, Whisenhunt as the coach. But they have the Bidwells as owners as well. Notoriously cheap and just recently starting to pony up as an owner.

Broncos have great ownership, Elway is proving himself as a VP, solid defense, great coaching (look at how they adjusted to Tebow), and the wildcard are the backs and receivers. Do we really know how good they are with as inaccurate of a thrower as Tebow was last season?

For the Broncos, if Manning signs – it’s the only thing that saves them from the Tebowmania. Who knows what they will do with Tim. Trade him? To who and for what?

But — I’m hoping that it happens. Love this move by the Broncos.

UPDATE: should have put this in the original article but..

1. Elway sort IS the map for an aging Hall of Fame quarterback. Elway’s last 3 seasons in the league were 96, 97, and 98. The Broncos about went 3 for 3 in Super Bowls during that span. In ’96, they were the #1 seed on the AFC side of the playoffs. An upset by Jacksonville stunned the league and about sent Elway back into retirement. The next two seasons – back to back Super Bowl wins, Elway being the MVP in the final one.

The trick of those years? A killer running game with Terrell Davis, an opportunistic defense. Elway’s job was to move that offense, pick up some 3rd downs, keep the D’s honest with the long ball – and he did that. No ego, no need to ride his arm and legs like the Bronc’s did in years past. Elway COULD still fling it but not run as well. But he didn’t care about all of that – he wanted rings.

I think Manning respects that and is in the same position.

2. If the coaching staff changed the whole offense in the middle of the season to adjust to Tim Tebow – what kind of craziness could they do with Manning and a whole offseason? This should make the rest of the AFC West very, very, nervous.


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