Tool Envy

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There is a running joke at Western Hills – Grant is a good hand to have on a job. He can turn any 2 hour job into an all day job. I’ve also been asked if I have brought my Barbie tools from time to time. To be fair – I have a very nice 18 volt drill and saw. Plus two circular saws and even a jigsaw. I’m fairly adept at minor fixes and major demolition. I don’t have a table saw or a chain saw for reasons that will remain unsaid. I’m a quick study.

But every time I see Shane Koci’s toolbag or Terry Randall’s toolkit – it is painfully obvious that in the world of tools – I am Fisher Price, they are Craftsmen.

It’s not just they have more tools than I do…the tools they have are infinitely better than mine. They’ve had a lifetime to build that up. And when they buy a tool, they buy the best. And they know how to use those tools. We’ve been major blessed by their skills and knowledge of these tools. Watching these guys work, I want to be good like that at fixing things.

Ever been around someone like that?

That’s exactly the thinking behind our equipping classes that start this Sunday. We’ve been talking for over a month about the new change at Western Hills, new service times (8.30 and 11 am), and how this is a temporary fix buying us time until we can move down to the gym, and how the north side of our campus will now become all children and youth.

But one of the HUGE benefits to the changes are these equipping classes. It’s like being taught on a certain topic by someone who has an incredible tool kit in that area. And these classes give us an opportunity to improve our tool kits.

Life groups are core to who we are and who we want to be at Western Hills. We say it all the time – you won’t feel connected until you are in a life group because you aren’t connected. Life groups are the central life change, spiritual transformation agent of the church. It’s where we learn to apply and encourage and live out what we are learning in the scriptures. It’s where we serve all.

BUT we also need a place to get the basics of spirituality. There are times when we need focused attention on a specific topic with the help of an experienced “craftsman.” We need these times of learning (equipping class) so that we can then go to the lab (life group) to test it out.

I’m super excited about these classes. We’ll be offering new ones in another 8 weeks, some we will be repeating in case you missed the first offering.

But the equipping classes offer an unique opportunity to add some tools to your toolbelt in a way that a worship service or just a life group could never do.

Now, I’m off to the hardware store to work on my sin of envy.


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