Elway Proving He Belongs

In just 14 months as VP of Football Operations, Elway has proven not only does he belong as an executive but he is going to be one of the best. And it proves that the whole Indianapolis thing back in ’83 was personal. Good night – to stick it to the same team again. It would have only been better if Cleveland had been in the running.

One huge question has been answered over these last few months. Why didn’t Elway joint the Broncos sooner?

Two words – Mike Shanahan. Can you imagine Shanahan allowing anyone have this much leeway and freedom in making a roster? Can you imagine Shanny talking through decisions with anyone? Or him flexing his offense back and forth? Or drafting heavy defense? I loved Shanahan’s time with the Broncos. He did Denver proud and is still one of the greatest offensive minds ever. But it came with a pretty good sized ego that wouldn’t listen to anyone else. He would have home runs on offense only to be undone by a defense he drafted. Elway has proven not only will he listen to his coach and his GM, but he’s not afraid of changing anything if it will get them closer to winning a Super Bowl.

What will remain unanswered is why in the world did Bowlen put us through the McDaniels era?

Elway is showing not only an incredible eye for talent, but that he knows exactly the kind of team that he and John Fox want to build. For all the records Elway holds, he just seems to only care about how many more Super Bowls he can add. And he only wants those kinds of people in the building with him.

The Manning signing is huge. Even if Manning comes back only 70 to 80%, it’s a huge win. With Manning, free agents are going to want to play with him in Denver. The Tebow experiment can be over in the only way it could possibly end without causing mass revolt. Everyone loved Tebow the person. Watching him throw in the playoffs was painful. I’m sure it was not lost on Elway as he watched Brady dismantle his team.

Another thing not to be lost in all of this is how Elway has handled some potentially horrific situations. He allowed Orton to walk. Did it cost the Broncos a draft pick? Maybe but he didn’t drag out the drama between Orton and Tebow, allowing Orton a chance to just walk away and find himself a landing space. Same thing with Brady Quinn. Although I think Elway let Quinn walk because once again – he doesn’t want any of that drama at the QB position. So Quinn will take his GQ loving self to Kansas City.

I’m guessing he will attempt to trade Tebow. Getting something for him should not be incredibly difficult. The guy will fill a stadium and sell jerseys. So if you are a team that is a few years away – make a pitch on Tebow. But if the trades don’t happen, I’m guessing Elway won’t let the drama last very long. He let Tebow play, he allowed him to show off for the league and he’ll at the very least do his best to get Tebow to a place that will use him.

The future looks bright for the Broncos.


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