How I Handled My Son Being A Thespian

Cooper’s debut into the world of theater was last night and I must say – I was impressed. Not just with him, the whole cast. You could tell that this particular bunch of kids were all in.

You never know what you are going to get with middle school drama…that applies to more than just the theater. But this was a pretty significant risk for an 8th grade boy – going out for the school play.

I remember when the roles were posted and he got the lead, I was just as excited about it as he was. Then reality hit him – “I have to learn 187 lines of dialogue.”

“Yeah……yeah, you do.”

He absolutely nailed it on both nights. The whole cast was outstanding in fact.

(Although I do have to say that Friday night’s performance was better than Saturday’s…just saying.)

It was a fun weekend and I do think Cooper will do this again. He was good. I’m not just saying that as a “dad.” I did some theater in high school, I know how hard it can be. And he did great considering he’s in 8th grade and it was his first time ever on stage.

Okay, I am a little biased but I’m not apologizing about that either!!




2 thoughts on “How I Handled My Son Being A Thespian

  1. He get the acting from his Grand Dad. I had a very successful career in the theater. We need a script that would allow us to act together.


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