Cooper’s Brazil Mission Trip Letter

The following is the letter Cooper wrote and sent out to get support for the upcoming Brazil Mission trip. I’m going with him (yes, you can support me as well. My plug and plea for money is comin later on this blog on on twitter).

I’m just kinda…no, I’m a whole lot of proud of Cooper. All of our kids really. They are developing a hear for missions, for serving others. They are so much further down the road spiritually than I was at their age and it’s one of the best things in my life to be able to do ministry WITH them.

Here’s Cooper’s letter.

Dear friend,

I get to go to Porto Alegre Brazil again! We are going to work at a camp for Brazilian kids where they can have fun and learn about God and having a faith in a place where its not so easy. Camps take place on the weekend. When we are not at camps, during the week, we are speaking at schools. We talk about our daily lives here in the states and then at the end we share the gospel! It is a blast!

In Brazil, being an American is like having an all-access pass to anywhere. We are invited to speak at all kinds of schools. Public, Private, Secular, Religious, you name it. They love it if we talk about life in the states. Thomas acts as our translator. We talk and then, after we have shared the gospel, we either go to another classroom or we play sports and talk to the kids. This will be the second time I get to go to brazil.

One of the things I am especially excited to do is to play soccer with the other kids. The kids there are so good at soccer, a pick-up team of them could probably beat a school team here. Soccer in Brazil is basically a religion.

I am also excited to go and see all of the missionaries! When I got there last time, I knew that I had never seen any of these people before in my life, but it felt like I was their family. They just welcomed us in.

Another reason I am excited this year is because I can’t wait to tell the story of Christ to a bunch of kids. The two weeks is kind of like cinderella. Famous in the day, doing dishes and cleaning toilets at night.

You can support me in three ways.

The most important way is prayer. This trip is so amazing and God has to prepare me for the challenges and experiences I will go through. The power of prayer is never to be underestimated.

Second, follow me, stay up to date (as best as I can) and even encourage me via twitter. My name is @buckshot643.

The third option is financial. The entire trip costs $2,000. Anything you give is tax-deductible. You can donate online at It’s a secure server login from there.

Or you can write a check to Western Hills Baptist Church, put Brazil in the memo and mail it to me. [If you are interested in supporting him or me – contact me, leave a comment. I’ll send you our address.] NO WHERE ON THE CHECK CAN IT HAVE MY NAME ON IT!

This is going to be a life-changing trip and I thank you for you time and prayers.


Coop on a wire

Coop on a log
Fun way to end trip.


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