Random Thoughts on a Tuesday Morning

I’m studying and writing and prepping for the message this week but for some reason – I am incredibly distracted. Can’t seem to figure out why so I’m going to just jot all these thoughts down here and hopefully I can get back to writing.

Theism vs. Atheism
Hearing two people debate atheism versus theism. There is a huge part of me that wants to interrupt and join in. Think they are both getting distracted on points of ‘argument’ that really doesn’t matter at all.

Both want to point to people inside their perspective ‘camps’ as either good or bad examples of their belief system. This to me is utterly ridiculous. This is like pointing to an elementary school band trying to play Mozart and say – “That Mozart guy was terrible. Who would ever write this and call it music??”

If you are going to look at examples – look at ideal from both camps and compare/contrast from there. Truth is truth and all truth will win out eventually. Don’t need the straw man or ridiculous examples to make a point.

I’ve got a couple of friends right now just going through the ringer with their kids. I have no idea what to say to them other than…”hold on.” I find myself going back to the Prodigal Son story so much. It’s a deep, profound story on so many levels, particularly if you put yourself in the place of the dad. He had to know that the decisions that his younger son was making were stupid, hurtful and deadly. Yet he wisely recognized, he couldn’t stop him. That boy had his mind made up and the only thing he could do as a dad was hang on and be there when it all came crashing in.

I wonder how many sleepless nights that dad experienced? Praying that the son would return, would be broken enough to return but not killed or forever lost? The older son didn’t get it because he probably didn’t have kids. One day, he would. Maybe.

We leave shortly. I love mission trips. I think they are the best kind of trips to take. Even for lost students. I know a lot of churches make a huge deal of who they take on a trip – and they should on one level. We are representing more than just ourselves when we go on these trips. We stand as representatives of our country and our God. That’s why it may be more important to make sure the student (or adult) is responsible, mature, teachable, and trustworthy – more than just “saved.”

A ‘saved’ immature, selfish kid on a trip is worse than an atheist, mature responsible kid.

Not sure why this thought has popped in my head.


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