Jesus @ The Movies


This is our 2nd Annual Jesus @ The Movies series. Last year we did Megamind, How To Train Your Dragon, and Despicable Me. This year we’ve already covered Up and Secondhand Lions, this Sunday will wrap up the series with The Count of Monte Cristo.

I love doing this series. For lots of reasons but mainly for one.

Movies put flesh on theology. How many times have we heard a principle or teaching at church and think – “that’s really profound. That sounds really smart.” Then after a few minutes of contemplation – “What the heck does that look like in real life?” Movies can help fill the gap between what we think we know and how we are supposed to incarnate our faith.

Good movies are messy. Just like life. Sometimes it’s a happy ending. Sometimes not. Sometimes it’s the dark part before before the dawn.

Either way – it is in the messy where the miracle happens. And the miracle isn’t always a happy ending. Sometimes it is a bad ending with the character learning how to deal with it. That transformation of the character is fleshing out a spirituality.

Movies are not going away. They are our culture’s story telling mechanism. We have gone from drawing in the sand to cave walls to canvas to stained glass to film to digital. We were wired for story. God has wired us this way. It’s why He reveals who He is through story. Why Jesus was probably the world’s greatest story-teller.

They root the abstract into reality.

And they are fun.


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