A Quick Trip To St Louis

We looked at the calendar and realized that we have now entered into the Twilight Zone of schools. 3 different ones and the calendar is already full. So we got a cheap room and decided to do all the free stuff in St. Louis…plus the Arch.

We left at 5 am, got to the zoo at 10ish. The Zoo is free admission. It’s unbelievable. Probably one of the best zoos I’ve ever been in. Bad news – I didn’t take a pic at the zoo. But the penguin area is the most incredible thing ever. It’s cold and the penguins are everywhere. You feel like you are in the enclosure with them.

The zoo was good but HOT. We took off around 2.30. Then after a nap, off to the Hill area – Little Italy area of St. Louis.

This is a little place called Milo’s Bocce Bar. They have two bocce ball courts in back and serve an incredible plate of ravioli. The sauces were incredible as was the pizza. They use a cheese called provel and it is a strong, rich white cheese. Very good.

I highly recommend the place. Just for the atmosphere. Two older Italian guys were there and they helped Coop and I learn the house rules of bocce. What a blast. This night was league play night. Guys were showing up smoking cigars and drinking Peroni. It was quite the cultural experience.


The Hill’s fire hydrants are all painted with The colors from the Italian flag as well.

Right across the street from Milo’s is a Gelato ice cream place. A cup of gelato can be mixed with another flavor or two or three depending on what size you order. Small ended up being huge for us. I got blueberry and white chocolate. Amy got blueberry and lime. I won’t bore you with how awesome it was.



We drive down Elizabeth street where Yogi Berra and Jack Buck grew up. They have plaques on the sidewalks telling you where their homes are. A bunch of people were out working on their lawns – just business as usual.



Then it was off to the Arch. Pictures can not do this thing justice. It’s 620 feet tall – the tallest US monument. The ride up to the top is a bit…well…it’s a bit intense. You go DOWN, underneath the Arch and enter this elevator. It’s actually a tram. There are 7 individual cars, 5 seats in each car. It feels like you are sitting in a space capsule. It’s tight quarters.

Then it moves.

I can’t really describe how it moves. It goes up for a bit and you can feel the car tilt, riding the arch up. Then it rotates back to level. Then it goes up more, rotates, up and rotates. All of this happens with you looking out the glass door to the steel underside of the arch. It’s a great view from the top.

Tomorrow – we hit Science Center and City Museum. I think. Maybe.






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