Day 2 in St. Louis

More free stuff in St. Louis! The Science Center and Planetarium are connected by a walkway over I-64. This is all of us on a scale estimating how much it would cost to send us to the moon. 8 billion.


This is us on the walkway looking down on I-64. They also have radar guns that you can check the speed of cars driving underneath.


Everything is about the arch here.



We also did a bunch of lab experiments with cool outfits. Why does this feel like school?



We hand lunch at Fitz’s. Couple of suggestions – the root beer is very, very good. The diet Root Beer is not. Fitz’s is in a cool part of town call the Delmar Loop. Lots of little food places and shops in the neighborhood where Chuck Berry grew up.


City Museum is one of the few things that isn’t free. If you wait after 5 on Friday and Saturday – it’s a little cheaper – $10 instead of $12. And it’s open til midnight if you can make it that long. Then they charge you extra if you want to add the aquarium to your visit -$6 (didn’t do that) and another $6 for ‘The Roof’. There is a Ferris Wheel and an overhanging school bus on the roof. We did the roof but it was kind of a disappointment. The museum was totally worth the $10, the Roof – not so much.

They have parking at the museum – $5 or you can find a spot on the street. It’s not in the best part of town, so we paid for the parking. The food and drink situation in the museum is a bit outrageous. $2.20 for a bottle of water is just ridiculous. We didn’t eat there BUT you do have come and go privileges with your ticket. So that makes it a bit nicer.

The museum is basically what woukd happen if a mad welder were allowed to build a play place. I can’t really do it justice – you climb all over this place in a maze of sorts, slides, in and out the building, all up and down the building. It is unreal. A few pics.







Awesome time. Highlight of trip for kids. We finally drug out of there around 10:45, exhausted but smiling.


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