St. Louis, Day 3

Last day of fun in St. Louis. Now, you might think that going to the St. Louis Art Museum doesn’t sound all that exciting. Well…I don’t know if I would say exciting – but we do enjoy the art. And the building is cool.


This is the remains of a statute o Artemis. I took the picture because the worship of Artemis kind cause a little trouble for Paul and one day I am sure I will teach on it and I will now have a picture. But it did look a little funny me taking the picture while my kids giggled at me.


The Crucifixion of Christ. Just a dark piece and it isn’t that I particularly like the piece, I just couldn’t walk away from it in the gallery.


Water lilies by Monet. This is one of my mom’s favorites. So I had to spend a little time at this one.


The Missouri History Museum was incredible. Wish I had taken a few more pics there. They have a floor size map of what the 1904 World’s Fair looked like, the Spirit of St. Louis as well as the history of the state. It is very well done, very interactive.

Here is the family playing with fire.


And probably my favorite piece in the museum – a 1928 LaFrance Fire Truck. It is immaculate. Best looking truck I have ever seen.

Fire fighting has a special place in St. Louis lore. The Great Fire of 1894 burned up 3 miles of the city including boats tied up along the Mississippi and was only stopped by blowing up blocks of building to act as a fire break.




After museum it was in the car, back to Topeka. Great weekend and great way to end our summer.


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