Global Leadership Summit: Bill Hybels


I’m not going to take notes on every session – just the ones that hit me…and this one did.

My rough notes:

Every one gets better when a leader gets better.

Humble yourself and learn to be a leader from anyone.

Luke 8 – Parable of the Soils
75% rejection rate of the seed.
Transformed life is the point.

If you want to overcome the 75% barrier – sow more seed. Always tinker and experiment to sow more seeds. Alpha Class, Getting Started, Just Walk Across The Room.

The whole organization takes their “sowing” cues from you, the leader.

Stay curious. Stay courageous. Enjoy every day you get to lead.

You are the most difficult person to lead. That overwhelming feeling? We all get it.

Most valuable commodity of a leader is NOT time. It’s your energy. So ask the question – what are the 6 key things that will make the greatest contribution to His Church over the next 6 weeks?

You can’t sprint for 6 months but you can for 6 weeks.

Do your best for God. Be a little better every single day.

You were made a leader by God not to react to things all day but to move people from where they are to a better “there.”

The vision is must vulnerable in the middle. Protect yourself, get as close as you can to the Lord.

Personally – I think this is the best I’ve ever heard Hybels speak. Vulnerable. Raw. Insightful. Humble. Just incredible session and great table setter for the Summit.


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