Global Leadership Summit: Carly Fiorina


Former CEO of HP and at one point in time voted the most powerful business woman in the world.

She tells us of her story and her doubts. God was abstract and detached. He got regular reports and intervened when He could but otherwise…

I loved her journey. If scientists were struggling with the realities of new species being found in the deepest, darkest places of the ocean, if they can’t explain the quark – then it’s possible that Jesus was born of a virgin.

Her raw expressions of humor, her blunt assessment that if human technology could devise way to keep up on our real location and give directions as to where we should – or not go or how to correct our path to the right path – the GPS – is it really that far-fetched to think of a God of the universe who can do the same?

“Life is not measured in time. It is measured in love. And in grace.”

For me – hearing her story was just … well….just awesome. No – there wasn’t this incredible conversion story that movies are made from – but it was the real life stuff. Dealing with death, disease, disappointment. I really admire her courage to share her testimony.


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