Global Leadership Summit: Condoleeza Rice


Authoritarian leadership never works. When the fear dissipates, all that is left is anger and it is not a good thing to reform a country in anger.

Freedom is not democracy. It is the institutionalization of freedom. Democracy requires responsibility. It can not be the tyranny of the majority forcing their will on the minority. It can be the strong exploiting the weak.

Every life is worthy. Every life has the possibility for greatness. Governments can do many things but it can NOT export compassion.

No one wants to follow a sourpuss. Insatiable optimism is key.

It’s a privilege to lead through the struggle. Out of it comes victory. It’s Friday. But Sunday is coming.

Interview with Bill Hybels
This was just a fascinating interview. In many ways, it was stronger than her speech – and her speech was great.

The story of her facing Vladmir Putin in Russia. He stood up to try to intimidate Condoleeza. She stood up as well. He’s 5’8″. Condoleeza is an easy 5’11”, 6′ in heels. Priceless.

“You need truthtellers around you. I could tell him (President Bush) the truth because he knew it wasn’t going to end up in the NY Times.”

Hybels asked her – what do you look for when you go to church?

She wants a space to be quiet, to reflect.
She wants a message that is Biblically grounded and causes her to think.
She wants to walk away saying – I never thought about the scriptures that way.
She wants inspiring music.
She does NOT want a message on current events. She does that everyday.

Condoleeza was pretty blunt about future politics. She can serve the public without the politics. She has no desire to be President.

I don’t know where to start with Condoleeza. I found myself smiling seeing a room full of white men give a black woman from Birmingham, Alabama a standing ovation.

I’m a bit frustrated that we have a political system in which some of the best people for the job, won’t do the job because it’s no longer about policy or vision but politics. This is stating the obvious but – she is ridiculously intelligent, warm personality but steel in her bones. She is articulate – particularly about her faith.


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