Global Leadership Summit: Bill Hybels


Matthew 16:18

Who is building church? Will he allow it to be defeated.

The local church is the hope of the world.

My opinion of church was – hopeless. I wanted to protect people from the church.

Vision is a picture of the future that captures people. It causes people to sacrifice. It causes people to say – “we can’t stay here.”

Will government ever pass a policy to change people’s heart?
Will business create a product or an app to change a person’s heart?
Will education make him smart enough to change a heart?

No. The only thing that will reach people is other people who have been changed by Jesus. Someone is going to have to go and make the ask, someone is going to have make the invite.

The message of Jesus is the only thing that will change the human heart. And God has only entrusted the message of Jesus to the church.

If this is true (and it is) then every single member of the church is important. We have to develop every single person in the church to their fullest potential then send them out of here to go out there to get to Jesus.

Will the local church, the hope of the world, be able to sustain itself until the end of time?

What gives us any confidence that the church will outlast empires and fortune 500 companies?

Matthew 16:18 — Who is building the church gives me confidence – Jesus. This is the only thing that Jesus is doing until he returns – he is building his church.

The greatest honor is when God taps you on the shoulder and says – I have a role for you in the building of my church. Will you join me?

How can you say – ‘I love God’ and then say to God – “I’m not interested in joining you on your mission, God. I’m too busy building my kingdom, my retirement, my cash fund, my life.”

I know I sound like a broken record but….in all the years I’ve listened to Bill Hybels…this was the best. In fact, I think this Summit has been one of the bests.

****Major disclaimer – these are my notes, what I got. They aren’t all direct quotes. Any mistakes are my own – not the speakers.


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