Global Leadership Summit: Geoffrey Canada


There is no time in the life of a child where a parent can say ‘I don’t have to be a great parent at this stage.’ That’s crazy.

I quit trying to argue and convince people that helping kids out medically and dentally will help them in their education. Now I’m saying – what decent human being would all a kid go without dental and medical?

First couple of years – was a complete failure. Results came back – no change. Very public. Some people did not want it to succeed.

Biggest problem – I wasn’t working for the staff. I was working for the kids. So they didn’t have another year.

Staff relationships – It’s easy to fire someone who is lazy and disagreeable. Harder to look at someone who works hard, is great to work with but just can’t deliver the goods at the standard that is needed.

Givers/Supporters. Where is the line where the gift is no longer a gift but actually detracts from the mission. Sometimes not taking the money is the best thing.

I don’t think we have another generation. This is it. We have to get this done now. We don’t have time to waste.

We’ve put rovers on Mars. It’s not acceptable to hear – “We can’t handle the problem of poverty or education?” We Americans can do whatever we focus on. We just haven’t focused on it.

Succession Plan: Why is it always a bus?
CEO of Amex – There was a succession plan in place the first day I was on the job. If you love your organization – you can’t wait till your tired to leave. Remember your true clients – it’s not you or your family.

Most of my career – no one knew who I was. All I wanted to do was to save my kids in the neighborhood. People have kept fighting without seeing any kind of positive results. Use that for your benefit. You’re not the only one. Keep fighting for the right course – you are needed in the process.

People are always watching you. Don’t lose your moral compass. You can’t get away with it one time. Don’t wait to be a leader then decide to be immoral. You just hurt the whole business when you act this way. You ruin it for us all.
I could listen to this guy forever. Just incredible speaker and thoughts on leadership.


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