Global Leadership Summit: John Ortberg


We spend to much time defending Christianity, instead of marveling at Jesus.

Jesus never led an army, followers were remarkably unimportant, never wrote a book,

Jesus gave the world its most influential movement.
Imagine no churches, Notre Dame, Mother Theresa, Red Cross, Willow Creek.

Where else – other than the church – has any organization tried to gather together all the different races? Nowhere.

Jesus changed how we think about history.
Most thought of life as cycles, not with hope. Jesus taught to look to future with hope.

The calendar was created with the thought that time is going somewhere, there is meaning in time. In The Year of the Lord.

Some perspective – 2000 years later we name our kids after these inadequate leaders – Peter, Paul, Mary and we name our dogs after Roman emporers – Ceasar, Nero.

Jesus shaped how we express compassion.
Ancient world kill babies that were deformed or of the wrong gender. This wasn’t hidden, just how things were.

Christ-followers change this because Jesus said – let the children come to me and take care of the widows and orphans. These people became “God-parents.”

2 Epidemics in early years of Christianity – wiped out 1/3 of population. But the church took care of them. Whatever you do for the least – you do for me. 1st hospital founded by Christ-follower.

The Jesus movement shaped education.
It was for the elite, males. Not women, not slaves. But Jesus said – teach everybody. First universities were made by Christ-followers.

*Luther was not a cat person.”

Jesus revolutionized art.
Bach, Dante, Gregorian Chant, written music,

There is no story that has captured the arts like Jesus’.

Jesus revolutionized government.
Give to Caesar what is his, and to God God.

Jesus changed how we think about human rights and dignity.

The idea of ‘God’ and ‘love’ – from Jesus. No one ever said – I love Zeus or Baal or any pagan god.

Jesus uniquely taught to love our enemies.

He is the hinge of history.
John Ortberg might just be one the best communicators of our time. Scholarly yet reachable for anyone. He’s a story teller. He leaves room for the questions, he takes you on a verbal journey. It is art…I think…when he speaks.


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