Global Leadership Summit: Mario Vega


1 Samuel 15:34
The Lord regrets making Saul king…

Age of Iron is coming to an end, monarchys are becoming popular in the countries around them. The tribal leadership model had cracks and led to disunity.

There are certain moments that reveal the true character of a person. It’s not just a one time act but a manifestation of what is really inside them.

Saul’s lifestyle of disobedience after that one act proved God had not treated him too hard.

Personality, talent, charisma and skills are not enough. Integrity of character is far more important.

Saul’s actions put Samuel in a position to have to choose between his friendship and love of Saul and his commitment to God.

We are responsible for our influence over those we lead.

Samuel’s actions afterward were going to be misinterpreted and questioned. But it was the right thing to do. It cost him his relationship with Saul. He never saw him again. Saul took a path that Samuel could not travel with him.

When values differ, it sets us on different roads.

When making a difficult decision…

Denial is always part of the process.
Depression can trigger understanding of the reality of the situation.
But at some point there needs to be Action.

Your decision will require actions. You will not be able to delegate these kinds of decisions. Don’t get stuck in your grief. Don’t live in the valley. Look up and see what God is doing.

You will never regret doing what is just and walking in integrity.

Hybels Time-Out:
At the core of leadership is trust. If we lose trust – it is game over. We can no longer lead. Our authority is rooted in our trust?

Is there any area in your life right now that would fail the trust test? Finances? Relationally? Breach of confidentially? Legal issuse? Sexual transgressionis?

God – at times – sometimes gives us space to figure this out without blowing our world up. If you see these issues and no one else knows -The Spirit may just be giving you an opportunity to take a step towards integrity and when you do – he will accompany you on that journey.

What about those in your organization?

Don’t be chicken to have these hard conversations with your team. You could save them years of grief.
I love this story of Samuel and Saul. I have a huge amount of respect for a man who pastors a church larger than most US cities and he can remain as humble and approachable as he seems to be.

Hybels “time-out” was out of the park. Once again – maybe it’s me – but this has been the best I’ve ever seen or heard Hybels. The absolute best.


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