Global Leadership Summit: Patrick Lencioni


Organizational health is the single greatest asset for a company. It’s free. It’s accessible to every leader.

Two requirements for success

Smart – finance, technology, skills, strategy
Healthy – minimal politics, minimal confusion, high morale, high productivity

Smart is 50% of the formula but most organizations spend 98% of their time on this.

4 Disciplines To Make Organization Healthy

1. Build A Cohesive Leadership Team

2. Create clarity
The 6 Critical Questions That Create Clarity
Why do we exist? – not the same as what you do
How do we behave? – core behaviors, something you are willing to be punished for, “we’ll miss you.”
What do we do?
How will we succeed? – strategy
Three Anchors of Strategy/Decision Making — you figure that out for your org….
What is most important..right now?
Over communicate, over communicate, over communicate
Who must do what?

The story that is sticking with me is when Patrick asks the CEO of Southwest – why don’t other companies do what you do? The humor, the service.

The CEO answered – “I think they believe this kind of behavior is beneath them.”

What an indictment. Church staffs can get this way – they can get to the point where they think the sheep are her for them. I pray this never happens to me or us.


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