Global Leadership Summit: Pranitha Timothy


The restoration of a human is a most difficult thing.

Isaiah 42:14
…In faithfulness he will bring forth justice.

Someone who works for justice, think deeply on these words in this verse. He who works for justice does not do so by crying out in the streets.

She lost her voice for 2 years, afterwards God returned her voice – meek and weak yet powerful in God’s hands.

The greatest miracle is God transformed my heart. Before he healed my voice, he healed my heart.

Parents were missionaries, grew up hating Christ, Christianity for separating her from her parents. She was CC – cold and calculated.

My response to save slaves is my response to God’s freedom and redemption.

3 Truths I’ve Learned
1. We are called to serve by a God already at work. Humble work. But humility is not weakness. God’s work requires great strength.

2. This life belongs to God. It is a willful decision to understand that my life is God’s life to do with what He wants. Our lives are not our own.

I am always safest in God’s hand.

3. God is good. When it works it out well and when it does not. When there is freedom, when there is death – God is good.

What is a bit unnerving is the first time Pranitha speaks – it is this small, meek, weak voice. You’ll be tempted to think – who is this? How in the world does this small woman with a small voice run into countries, run rescue operations, stands before corrupt governments in courts of law and at times at the end of a gun barrel? This is her?

And after about 30 seconds of listening to her – you’ll think – it had to be her. It could NOT be any other way. It totally makes sense that God would use her the way He is using her. She is anything but small and weak.

Her 3 truths actually are exactly where we have been studying and planning for our next series – everything.
Her stories, I have tyou would be ridiculously


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