2012 WCAGLS Session Summaries

Here are all my notes of the sessions from the Leadership Summit.

First – not everything in the notes is a direct quote. Some of the time – I think I got it right. But there is no promise on that. I’m taking notes at 100 mph and right when I jot down a great insight or quote, these guys (and gals) spit out another one right behind it. It’s great. It’s inspirational. It doesn’t necessarily lend itself to the greatest of accuracy. I got the general gist of the idea right. But please don’t use this as direct quotes.

Second – all of the graphics were courtesy of WCA.

Third – you are free to use these summaries. Just don’t repost or reproduce them as your own.

Fourth – if you’ve never been to a Summit and these sessions spark something in you – then you MUST go next year. MUST.

Here are the summaries:

Bill Hybels, The Privilege of Leadership
Condoleezza Rice, No Higher Honor
Jim Collins, Great By Choice
Carly Fiorina, My Story So Far
Craig Groeschel, The Strongest Link
Patrick Lencioni, Why Organizational Health Trumps Everything Else
William Ury, Getting to Yes: Negotiating Conflict
Pranitha Timothy, Courage to Act
Mario Vega, Leading Through the Anguish of Tough Decisions
John Ortberg, A Leader of Unimaginable Influence
Geoffrey Canada, Changing The Odds
Bill Hybels, The Hope Of The World

*There were two speakers for Session 3. Marc Kielburger spoke about Against Apathy. Sheryl WuDunn spoke on Half the Sky: Leadership in the Face of Oppression. Both were passionate and their causes were inspirational. I did not take notes on their session. I tweeted a couple of thoughts as they were speaking. If you want those tweets – check out my twitter feed.


One thought on “2012 WCAGLS Session Summaries

  1. You’re exactly right about the taking notes at 100mph. Lucky for me I had my laptop. I can type faster than I can scribble. Looks like you got most of your notes the way I remember them. It was such a great conference. From top to bottom every speaker had something I could grab hold of and add to my skill set that will help me grow as a leader.


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