If It Weren’t For Football…

I think I’d just go insane. Why?


It’s that time of the year, gang. Where we turn off our TV’s during commercials, and pray that nobody brings up politics around us.

It’s not the issues that wear me out. It’s the actual candidates themselves that I just can’t stand anymore. A couple of examples….

We had a lady here in Kansas win a certain party’s nomination to run for the Senate in November by 159 votes. It took weeks to make her nomination official because they had to count every single vote. Her comments afterwards? “The people of the 20th Senate District have spoken loud and clear.”

Who is she talking to? Does she know that the margin of victory is public record and we know that she only won by 159 votes? Does she think we can’t count? That’s “loud and clear?” That’s more in the “we are sick and tired and confused and jaded” category.

The last few presidential elections have been bizarre. Bush says “the people have spoken” when in actuality it was the electoral college that spoke. Obama claimed that his presidency would heal these partisan wounds and they are in fact the worst they have ever been since the Civil War.

I think there is a class or maybe it’s a virus or brain chip that gets installed that makes them incredible stupid once they win or take office. It’s like they forget that most of us can read, we can listen, we know what we make and how much harder or easier it is to live under their leadership. Most of us can handle the truth but we get spin instead.

And neither party has a monopoly on spin.

As a Christ-follower, I’m not without hope. I mean – I’m sort of without hope. I know that no man-made solution exists for the problems of our country or the world. I know that no amount of money spent on health care or education or jobs solves anything. I know that all governments are necessary evils and all are corrupt at some level.

I’m not an anarchists, I’m not an alarmist, I just know all too well the condition of the human heart. We are quick to blame, quick to play the victim, quick to take the easy route, quick to look after our own interests instead of the interests of others. In short – we are selfish, little, rats. Even when you dress us up – we are just dressed selfish, little, rats. And we elect other selfish, little rats to do the best that they can.

I think some of them try to get it right but quickly see that nothing is simple, nothing is as straightforward as we would like it and they all have to compromise somewhere to make somethings happen.

Now if all this makes me sound a little jaded about our political system, I guess I am a bit. But I think all political systems are like this to some degree and many more are worse than ours. Furthermore, my hope for the world isn’t in my government or anyone else’s for that matter. It’s in Christ. And he was pretty blunt about a lot of things that I think a lot of Christ-followers forget around this time of the year.

This is not our home. We are strangers.
There is no human solution to our human problem of sin.
Only Jesus can change a heart and until we see him, it’s a work in progress.
No political party or president will ever have “the answer.”
Even if my beloved country fails me, my King won’t.
My citizenship in the Kingdom is more important than the country on my passport.
At the end of the day, the government will never be able to stop me telling the story of Jesus. Never.
No government or economy or movement has ever been strong enough to stand up to the love of God.
It profits me nothing to gain everything but lose my soul.

Now time for a big deep breath and enjoy my Broncos and Crimson Tide.


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