The 2013 Alabama Football Predictions

I’m a lot late with this – my annual predictions. But late is better than never.

Alabama Crimson Tide

09/01/12 vs. Michigan – W
To be fair, I called this a W since last season. A buddy called me earlier on Saturday and said – ‘You’re not even nervous about this game? You Alabama fans make me sick.’

I told him I was more nervous about the Arkansas game than anything. Of course that was before ULM.

09/08/12 vs. Western Kentucky – W
This is why Saban wants another SEC game on the schedule. But no other SEC coach wants this.

09/15/12 at Arkansas – W
If Petrino were around could be different. It will be close. On the other hand, the las 4 years have been big wins for the Tide. On the third other hand, field goals and Bama don’t go well in Fayetteville.

09/22/12 vs. Florida Atlantic – W
No words really. See WKU comment above. Why is this even on the schedule?

09/29/12 vs. Ole Miss – W
Remember when Ole Miss was good? Yeah, me either.

10/13/12 at Missouri – W
Tried to get tickets to this one but that was next to impossible. I think Missouri will have a lot of GEORGIA games this year – great start but then the wear and tear of ‘Grown Man Football’ will catch them. These ‘Tiggers’ need a bit more depth. On the plus for them – the East in the SEC is wide open.

10/20/12 at Tennessee – W
I remember hating to go to Knoxville because not only were you going to get beat up, but there were going to be 100,000 screaming, singing idiots there to help. Dooley is doing a good job but they are not there yet. Is it fast enough for UT fans?

10/27/12 vs. Mississippi State – W
MSU just keeps getting better. Will they ever join the Bama, LSU level? Not yet but they always are a tough game.

11/03/12 at LSU – W
I picking Bama but only because I hate LSU. It’s a night game in the Red Stick. And LSU is still a beast of a program. Look for the Honey Badger to make a miraculous return to the team this week or the week before. I’m calling it now. This is a losable game for the Tide with the potential of repeating the same situation of last year…in which everyone confessed their love for the SEC.

11/10/12 vs. Texas A&M – W
Same issues as Missouri – great start, can’t finish. They will improve over time and get deeper but for now – not ready.

11/17/12 vs. Western Carolina – W
That is basically 3 cupcakes this year. Fortunately, when the system changes in 2014 these kinds of games will be punished. Hopefully. Those that hate these kinds of games can thank the current bowl and BCS system for them.

11/24/12 vs. Auburn – W
I am not sure how Gene Chizik survives this season if Auburn continues to look like they have. Chizik is basically a Cam Newton season away from being horrific as a head coach. Which is fine by me – don’t get me wrong. Just kinda odd to see no progression in them.

SEC Championship Game vs. Georgia – W

That’s right, I’m picking Georgia to come out of the East. Why not? Who else – South Carolina? Maybe. Either way – it’s a W.

National Championship Game vs. USC

This is the game we all want to see.


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