The 2012 Denver Bronco Predictions

Again, I am very late with this. Been way to busy.

I can’t remember being this amped for a season since 1996. The year the Broncos SHOULD have went to the Super Bowl but lost to Jacksonville in the playoffs. Of course, they followed that season up with back to back Super Bowl Championships. Do I think this season has that kind of magic in it?

WSunday, Sep 9, 2012 vs. Pittsburgh Steelers
I picked Denver but won’t count this for me. I figured they’d play it close to how they played last year’s playoff game and then put it in Manning’s hand in the 4th quarter. They basically put it in Manning’s hand starting in the 2nd quarter when they went to the no-huddle offense. I like the offense but Pittsburgh just about undid it all by keeping the ball away from the Bronco offense the entire 3rd quarter. Denver’s defense looks thin. Very thin. I am not sure how far into the season the front 7 will last.

WMonday, Sep 17, 2012 @ Atlanta Falcons
Dome. Night Game. Normally this is a double no-no in Bronco history. They just can’t seem to handle these two combinations very well. But that was pre-Manning and he is very much in the pro-dome, pro-national spotlight, night game business. After Atlanta beat the snot out of Kansas City, I thought this was going to be a game. After watching KC roll over with Buffalo – who knows how good Atlanta really is. I’m picking the Broncos.

LSunday, Sep 23, 2012 vs. Houston Texans
I think Houston has the potential to be one of the best teams in the league. It’ll be close because it’s at Mile High.

WSunday, Sep 30, 2012 vs. Oakland Raiders
Never pick Raiders. Ever.

LSunday, Oct 7, 2012 @ New England Patriots
Tough game. Road. Manning and the Patriots have a long history. I just think Denver drops this one but will see them again in the playoffs.

LMonday, Oct 15, 2012 @ San Diego Chargers
Another MNF game and it should be entertaining. I’m tempted to pick the Broncos but…something is bugging me about this game. I hope I’m wrong. These two will be battling each other for the AFC West Championship.

WSunday, Oct 28, 2012 vs. New Orleans Saints
A Sunday night contest. This schedule is brutal but New Orleans looks like a shell of the team they were last year without Sean Payton. Coaching matters. It matters a lot. And if you think I’m wrong, go ask Arkansas or Kansas City Chiefs.

LSunday, Nov 4, 2012 @ Cincinnati Bengals
The Bengals aren’t better than the Broncos, I just don’t like the set up. Early game, road game and who knows what kind of condition the Broncos D will be in. The Bengals can and will pound if necessary. It’s a winnable road game, though.

WSunday, Nov 11, 2012 @ Carolina Panthers
Another road game, another early game. Don’t like that combo but it’s the Panthers and although Cam is good, Broncos should win this one.

WSunday, Nov 18, 2012 vs. San Diego Chargers
The rematch. Broncos get this one. Sets up crazy finish to season to see who will win the AFC West.

WSunday, Nov 25, 2012 @Kansas City Chiefs
The Chefs play hard but after watching the preseason and the first two games – I think the Chefs are in deep trouble. I know everyone likes Romeo but they just look lost on offense and passive on defense.

WSunday, Dec 2, 2012 vs. Tampa Bay Buccaneers
Won’t be an easy game with the rejuvenated Bucs but should be a win.

WThursday, Dec 6, 2012 @ Oakland Raiders
I’m not sure why NFL Network got this game. I guess they have to televise somebody and this is as good as any. I’m not really sure if I’m even a fan of the Thursday night games this year. But…picking the Broncos.

LSunday, Dec 16, 2012 @ Baltimore Ravens
The good news is that Denver will have 10 days to prepare for the Ravens. The bad news is that I’m not sure it will help. I think the Ravens are the best team in the AFC right now. They are the team I’d least like to face in the playoffs.

WSunday, Dec 23, 2012 vs. Cleveland Browns
If it is Brown…you know the rest.

WSunday, Dec 30, 2012 vs. Kansas City Chiefs
Broncos win and get the AFC West Championship.

That’s a 11-5 record. How far in the playoffs? The Ravens and Texans will be tough to beat…but here’s hoping to the AFC Championship game.


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