NFL Refs, Jim Brown, and Celebrities at Political Rallies

Clint Eastwood is now calling the Republicans stupid for inviting him to speak at the RNC. The Democrats continues to parade out their list of Celebrity endorsements.

NFL Referees are holding out for money and benefits that 0.1% of the world population can’t get for full-time jobs, let alone part-time ones.

And Jim Brown calls Trent Richardson ordinary and wants back in the fold of the Browns to bring a “winning attitude” to the organization.

What do all three of these have in common?

Their incredible over-estimation of what they are really worth.

Politics & Celebrities – I’m reminded of a line in the movie “Get Smart.” Who will tell us who to vote for if all the actors die in Hollywood? I guess because people like their movies, actors just think that we automatically like their politics. This has been going on for years so I guess we’ve fed the beast a bit. Actually, politicians have fed it. Seems like actors want to be politicians, we all know that politicians are great actors. Either way – come to think of it – both over-estimate their importance.

I promise you most folks would be more distraught over their local garbage collectors striking than if their local politician would.

Jim Brown – I have never understood the relationship between Jim Brown and the Browns. I get that he was one of the best running backs in the NFL but you didn’t see Walter Payton or Emmitt Smith or Terrell Davis acting like they were God’s gift to their organization.

What can Brown do for you? Bring you months of PR headaches and prima donna drama. Sign me up for that!!!

He’s not a scout, he’s not a coach, he’s just got opinions and the arrogance to think that NO ONE else in the organization wants to win? Oh wait – it’s Cleveland. He might be right on that last one.

NFL Refs – Let’s first state the obvious. The replacement refs are in a word – overwhelmed. The game is obviously moving WAY to fast for them. How many illegal procedure penalties can one miss or call AFTER the play is over? And the pushing and holding and all the other missed calls. Nobody with half a brain will argue otherwise.

However, the referees are kidding themselves if they think they can win. They can’t. I’m not saying I disagree with their position or that they shouldn’t get what they want. I’m saying it doesn’t matter. They can not win. If the NFL was willing to miss NFL games in their dealings with the PLAYERS – who is the league’s milk truck – what makes them think they will even budge with the Referees? They won’t. They don’t have to.

The NFL will do what it is doing right now – hire replacements, keep training them, pay them what they want. Nobody has stopped watching the games or going to the games. Players are walking out refusing to play. Fans aren’t boycotting. There is no NEED for the NFL to budge. Ever. Fans and journalists and media can complain all they want but the games will still be attended, still be watched, and still be covered. TV Networks will stay pay to broadcast them.

The referees have absolutely ZERO leverage. Zero. I’m all for the – make every effort to get all that you can but at some point they have to wake up and realize – they can’t win this one.

Another example of this category?

Self-Righteous Blog Writers Who Think Their Sports Opinions Matters – Ouch. Okay, that one hurt a little. Deserved but still hurt.


3 thoughts on “NFL Refs, Jim Brown, and Celebrities at Political Rallies

    1. I would have never guessed that the replacement refs would have botched a game like that Monday night game. Never.

      I think the NFL thought the same thing. Then to see it I think shocked everyone.


      1. Yep. The Monday night game made a huge difference. I will say that I think the refs would have won in the end anyhow. The replacements couldn’t hack it and the NFL couldn’t say that the refs were asking for too much. The pensions that were the hold up had been agreed to by the NFL in the last contract. The refs weren’t fighting for something new but fighting to keep something they already had – not really greedy there. I think the NFL would have ultimately lost that argument because of that double whammy.


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