The New Normal Church

I went to our state convention this week in lovely Salina. Actually – it was lovely. This is the time of year where yellows, oranges, and red explode from the landscape in Kansas, reminding me that God is still the best artist the world has ever seen…whether they know Him or not.

And while I know God speaks through His creation, Plan A is the church. Not “Church” as in the 1-hour a week we meet to sing together, learn together, and get inspired and encouraged. Not “church” as in the building we happen to meet in. But “church” as in you…on mission where you live, work, play.

Church as in our people being Christ in their words, deeds, and thoughts as they live their life in the circles that they live.

How many people do you think you run into a day that do not have a personal relationship with Jesus? How many of those people do you think would benefit from having a relationship with Jesus?

I know – stupid question…all of them. But maybe it isn’t such a stupid question because if we really believed that all of them would benefit – both eternally AND immediately – why aren’t we telling them about Him?

I’m quick to tell people about an app that has made my life easier. Or any other product for that matter. But nothing has made my life better (not always easier) than Jesus.

Here’s my challenge to us – what would happen if once a week we made a concentrated effort to tell one person our story of how we met Jesus? Just one person, once a week, our story. Not the 4 spiritual laws or 37 reasons why they will go to the hot place or some other canned talk.

I’m talking about our story that happened to us. What God did or is doing in our life right now, in the moment. I wonder what would happen.

Don’t you?


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