Not Just Another Year In The SEC

Been thinking about this for awhile. There has been some serious role reversals this year in the SEC.

Alabama is still Alabama, LSU is still LSU but pretty much everyone else has changed a bit.

Texas A&M is the new Arkansas.

Arkansas is the new Ole Miss.

Ole Miss is still kinda Ole Miss.

Mississippi State is the new Auburn.

Auburn is the new Vanderbilt.

Vanderbilt is now Kentucky. And vice versa.

Florida is now like the old South Carolina who is now like the old Georgia who is still actually Georgia.

Missouri is more like the current Tennessee which is nothing like the old Tennessee which was like the current Florida who is nothing like the old Florida but more like the old Missouri.

And if this makes no sense to you…well then you really don’t know SEC football which is better now than the old SEC but that’s a whole other post.


5 thoughts on “Not Just Another Year In The SEC

  1. I understand what you are saying, but as a Razorback fan didn’t seen this coming at all. I can say at least it gives me reason to say RTR and hopefully bring one more BCSNC title home.


      1. I agree with the coach comment. I figured he might have been good for an extra win or two. It appeared all the players were in place, all they had to do was run the plays. I guess that is why certain guys get paid the big money. The only questions is where does he show up next? We all know Texas has the most money to throw around…


      2. Wow. Had not thought of Texas. That would be perfect. Another reason to hate Texas!! Ha ha ha.

        We are a house divided this week – Amy is A&M all the way this week. She even got a gameday shirt.


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