I Had Friends Like The New York Jets In Middle School

I remember this offseason when the Broncos signed Manning, Elway did the 2nd smartest thing ever and traded Tebow quickly and quietly. Unfortunately for Tebow, it was going to be a circus where ever he played and Elway wanted no part of that.

Rex Ryan on the other hand just keeps proving how lost in the weeds he is. He signs Sanchez to a long term contract, then signs Tebow. Then last week he isn’t bothered by his team blaming the backup QB for the loss (how idiotic is that?) but rather that they didn’t put their name on it. Then there is the butt whooping yesterday and the whole Tebow has broken ribs but he can play??

Ryan is that friend we all had in middle school that lied like crazy to you about how awesome they were their life and everyone except them knew they were delusional.

But the Jets are a joke and Ryan is just part of the problem. The GM doesn’t seem to have a plan for building a team either.

The team is a joke and it seems like the only ones that don’t realize it are the Jets themselves.


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