Why Peter King, Bob Costas, and Most of the National Media Are Flat Wrong About What The Chiefs Did This Weekend

After the tragic events of the weekend, today and last night was the time for national pundits to sound off on why the Chiefs shouldn’t or should have played the game.

Or in Costa’s case – quote Jason Whitlock on why if we had gun control, the tragedy wouldn’t have happened.

Or in Peter King’s case spend half of his column telling us about the murderer and nothing about the mother or the new orphan.

While the Chiefs haven’t done much right this year in terms of drafting, coaching, free agents, playing – well anything – they did Sunday right. The moment of silence was for victims of domestic abuse. The players have already started a fund for Kasandra’s daughter who will now grow up with a mom or a dad. None of the Chief’s players have turned Belcher into some hero. They have quietly dodged questions that remotely lead to that kind of statement. None of this seems to have been noticed by the national media.

As far as gun control – he shot her 9 times in front of his mother. Then he shot himself in front of his coach and general manager. That seems to point to a level of rage and insanity that no law could contain or control. This wasn’t an accidental shot going off in a bar. No gun control law was going to stop this.

Normally the national sports guys get it right or at least are entertaining. They didn’t on this one.


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