SEC and the BCS Noise

I want to take this time – this ridiculously, long, wasted time when most college kids are done with finals and be in an 8 team playoff instead of waiting 6 weeks for worthless bowl games – to vent about a few things concerning this FBS season and the hatred that the rest of the country seems to have towards the SEC.

1. K-State fans need to suck it up.
You fell to 6 because as a #1 team, you cannot under any circumstances lose to an unranked, below .500 team. Not just lose – but got manhandled. And Klein lost the Heisman that night as well.

Snyder is awesome, Klein is more awesomer. Or vice versa. Either rate – great coach, great QB. But they laid an egg in Waco.

It’s over. Look forward and do the Big 12 a huge favor. Do something that even OU hasn’t been able to do lately – win a BCS Bowl game. Beat Oregon.

Load up on all the episodes of Duck Dynasty and then head to Arizona!!

2. Alabama and Notre Dame will be the biggest National Championship game since Texas/USC. Possibly ever.
Two huge fan bases. Two schools that most people either love or hate. It’s the Yankees/Dodgers of college football. The ratings are going to be astronomical.

3. The Alabama/Georgia SEC Championship game was the best game I’ve ever watched.
Murray (QB of Georgia) looked like a stud. After watching him and Landry and Barkley – how does he not go in front of those guys if he declares for the draft? He may stay at Georgia another year but from what I’ve seen – he is NFL ready.

4. If there ever was a year for a defensive player to win the Heisman – this was it. And it didn’t happen..
Which I think means it won’t ever happen. I think Manziel stats were incredible but Te’o would have been a great winner as well. I also figured the vote would be close – It wasn’t. Go figure.

5. The SEC should be embarrassed to schedule those patsy teams late in the season.
I realize that it’s not as clear cut as it appears. First, those small schools make their entire athletic budget by playing the big boys. It is the college football version of shared revenue.

And I know other schools schedule their cream puffs early so it isn’t as noticeable while other schools like Michigan, LSU, Oregon, Clemson, Alabama and others have a kickoff game with a name brand opponent. So they schedule their cream puff later in the season – when everyone notices.

But it doesn’t sit well. Add another conference game.

6. Texas is just one hot ugly mess right now.
Hard to believe that Texas picked Chase McCoy as their QB over Robert Griffin III and Johnny Manziel. That’s gotta hurt a bit.

Okay, not really. Kinda enjoyable.

7. This long break between end of season and bowls is stupid.

Now to wait for the hype machine to crank it up until January 7.

Roll Tide.


2 thoughts on “SEC and the BCS Noise

  1. Did you say January 9? I think all the hype will be over by then since “The Game ” is on the 7th. Am I reading this wrong or is your date incorrect? I do read your blogs!


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