Happy Birthday, Son


Thought I would do something a bit different for Cooper’s birthday this year. He turned 15 and so I wrote down some of the little nuggets of advice I want him to remember and set them up to tweet at him all day. Here they are.

Today is @coop3r3nglish birthday. He’s 15. And awesome. But you already knew that. I’ll be tweeting fatherly advice to him all day.

@coop3r3nglish – Dating: 90% of your peers are idiots on this subject. Just look at trail of broken hearts & feelings behind them.

@coop3r3nglish – dating2: Hotness lasts but a season, stupidity lasts a lifetime, character lasts forever. Look for Character FIRST.

@coop3r3nglish – Dating3: after character, be sure she loves college football.

@coop3r3nglish Dating: be a man first. Figure out who you are first, man up, then worry about dating.

@coop3r3nglish don’t ever compromise your character for popularity. Those that do are completely alone the day after HS graduation.

@coop3r3nglish Dating – realize that you are dating someone’s future wife. Probably not yours. Think about that.

@coop3r3nglish I’ve never met anyone who regretted being sexually pure. Everyone who has pursued sex outside God’s design has scars.

@coop3r3nglish many of your peers are going to focus on their careers. focus on being a lifelong learner. career will work itself out.

@coop3r3nglish love your sisters. They love you and they need you. Even if they don’t admit it. They’ll be your lifelong friends.

@coop3r3nglish Bullies suck. Don’t be one. Don’t tolerate one. Don’t apologize or give in to one. Love them enough to stand up to them.

@coop3r3nglish be big enough to forgive quickly. All people are messed up. Not forgiving just makes you smaller and bitter.

@coop3r3nglish I know others will see this. If they make fun of you, they are petty. Still befriend them, they need a friend like you.

@coop3r3nglish it’s better to have a few close friends that love you but aren’t impressed by you than being popular.

@coop3r3nglish A car is not a toy nor is it a right. it isn’t a status symbol. At your age, it’s a 2,000lb weapon of mass destruction.

@coop3r3nglish never get in a car with drugs or alcohol. Never. I’ll come get you, no questions asked. Be a man, call for help.

@coop3r3nglish God will put other godly people in your life. Listen to them. Learn to hear God’s voice thru them.

@coop3r3nglish Be patient with @aimenglish & I. We’ve never parented teens before. We aren’t perfect. Grace goes both ways.

@coop3r3nglish – Above everything I’ve ever taught you or tried to teach you, Jesus loves you more than you can imagine. Even more than Mom.

@coop3r3nglish .1% of world owns a car. Not everyone owns an iPhone. We don’t deserve anything. we are blessed. Be grateful.

@coop3r3nglish there is nothing you will ever do to make me love you less. There is nothing you will ever do to make me love you more.


3 thoughts on “Happy Birthday, Son

  1. Grant, bro absolutely love this one!! So much great knowledge and information for your son who btw is wearing an Auburn hat???!!! Is that even allowed in your house? Anyways, just wanted to tell you Good Job on this blog and to let you know that I really do read it…have a blessed day and a blessed search for your next Student Pastor bro.


    1. That Auburn hat is a reminder that there are no perfect parents.

      And no perfect kids.

      And to all parents – every kid will make a ridiculously stupid decision at least once in their life. Love them anyway.

      Roll Tide.


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