Why Alabama Wins


Enough of the silence. Time to light this candle.

Alabama. Notre Dame. The Blue-Bloods of the college football. Royalty.

What Makes Me Nervous:

Notre Dame’s defensive front 7.
They are good. Very, very good. Can they hang for 4 quarters against ‘Bama’s O line and two destroyers at running back? We will soon find out. My hunch says – they will keep it tight for 3 quarters…then the cracks will start to show.

Notre Dame’s Everett Golson, Quarterback.
Which version will show up? The lights out guy or the one who struggles to make basic reads? I imagine there are many Irish fans who are asking the same question. The Tide has shown a weakness for quarterbacks who can throw down the field under pressure. LSU, Georgia, and Texas A&M all had great success getting huge chunks of yardage on 3rd down, under pressure because their quarterbacks threw lasers in small windows. If Golson got make big throws, under pressure in small windows – they can win.

Alabama Special Teams.
Saban is a defensive genius. He is getting great offensive balance from this team. He has all of those guys playing at a ridiculous high level. Then there’s the special teams. It’s a bit disturbing to think that Alabama special teams have had major roles in both losses over this past two seasons. The inability to hit field goals and the coinciding lack of confidence to try long field goals, the muffed and fumbled punts – every time the special teams trot on the field, I just hold my breath. Hope for the best, prepare for the worst.

Why Alabama Wins

It’s almost unfair to give the man this much time to prepare for a team. Almost. Brian Kelly is of this same caliber but for now, the edge goes to Saban.

Alabamas are much more awesomer. I know, it’s not a word…but it should be. And they are.

AJ McCarron.
The guy just doesn’t make many mistakes. He isn’t flashy – just consistent. And the throw to Cooper in the SEC Championship game was poetry. He doesn’t get rattled.

Bama’s Front 7.
There are some passing yards to be gotten off the Tide defense right up the middle of the field. They have a hard time getting pressure on QB without blitzing. Dee Milner is an outstanding corner but the other side of the field is vulnerable. However, side to side, on the edges – there isn’t a team better. They are fast to the ball and if you are going to run – you better bring a couple of bruising running backs.

Lacy, Yeldon, Yeldon, Lacy, Lacy, Yeldon.
These two studs don’t even have a nickname. Which is a crying shame. They aren’t thunder and lightening. It’s more like Tidal Wave 1 and Tidal Wave 2. They just keep coming with no real end in sight.

Alright — time to get ready. Get the tweet machine ready.

Roll Tide.


3 thoughts on “Why Alabama Wins

    1. Gotta tell you. Never saw a beatdown like that coming. Never. Thought ND defense was a bit better than that.

      Of course the matchup that would be awesome to see is Oregon vs. Alabama.

      How are your Hogs going to rebound this year?


      1. The Hogs…too early to tell. There was such a let down I still don’t know what to think. All I know is that Johnny Football is coming to Fayetteville this fall and I would love to be there to see him in person.


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