The Latest ESPN Scapegoat: Brent Musburger


By now you’ve heard and seen Musburger go all gaga over Katherine Webb, Ms. Alabama, graduate of Auburn (or the school that must not be named), and girlfriend of AJ McCarron. I was watching the game when it happened.

Here’s what went through my mind…

She’s very pretty.

And they keep showing her.

And now Brent is going to say something stupid – like he always does when the subject matter goes off of football.

And now he did – “you quarterbacks get all the women.”

And now it’s time to get back to the beat down of Notre Dame.

But they aren’t. They are going to keep showing Katherine Webb.

And yep – she’s still pretty. And yep – Alabama is still beating the senses out of Notre Dame and we aren’t watching it because ESPN/ABC keeps giving me stupid crowd shots!!!!!!!!!!!!!

My frustration with ESPN/ABC is they cut away from the game to tell some “human interest” story or some shot of the parents in the stands and quite frankly – I don’t care about it.

I really don’t. I tuned in to watch Alabama/Notre Dame. We all showed up to the party to watch football. Apparently, even ND showed up to WATCH football as well. Yet, they – producers – keep shoving these stories down our throats.

I sort of understand why – the game was getting out of hand and now it’s scramble time to find something else to talk about. But this time it backfired.

Reports are coming out that the producer didn’t like Musburger’s comments and was talking in Musburger’s ear – “Move on, drop it.” That’s great. But let it be noted, the producer didn’t change the television shot. In fact, the producer went back to showing her face again. So it begs the question – what exactly where you wanting out of your television crew by keeping the shot on Katherine Webb?

ESPN has gotten in the habit of doing this a lot – paying their people to be provocative and controversial and the minute they do it – they are fired. See First Take.

Personally, I think the whole Miss USA/Miss Universe pageant that Katherine Webb is involved in does more to objectify women than any of the comments Brent made. But those won’t be touched on or talked about this week. No, Brent is going to get the hammer on this one and ESPN is going to just sit back and watch.

Kudos to Katherine Webb in the middle of this. She said she was flattered by all the fuss and attention. She seems to have a great sense of humor and perspective on all of this.

But ESPN/ABC can’t have it both ways. They showed the shot, they kept showing the shot. They obviously wanted Brent to talk about her. And she is Miss Alabama. To do this then to throw Brent under the bus is ridiculous.

If you want to “protect the game” and the honor of women – start with what you air on the screen first. There are about 100 commercials you ought to not run first. But this just looks like grandstanding.

And Roll Tide anyway.


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