Being Robbed


The facts are pretty straight forward. Western Hills was robbed sometime between Sunday late afternoon/evening and Monday morning. The list is fairly extensive of what was taken – a lot of TVs and technology. Due to the ongoing investigation, we can’t tell you much more than that. We do know that we were not the only church hit this weekend. Apparently 4 other churches showed up Monday morning to a similar situation to ours. It is believed all of these incidents are related. It’s pretty clear that whoever is responsible for this – it wasn’t their first time.

Nobody was physically hurt. There was no damage done to the walls or vandalism. Things were not thrown all over the building. In the grand scheme of things, we lost some “toys” and will be inconvenienced for a few weeks as we work with law enforcement as well as our insurance company.

To all of our families who use the building – just be aware of what is going on around you. Don’t leave valuables in your car, don’t leave stuff laying around the church. Be smart and alert. If something looks odd and suspicious, there’s no harm in calling the police or sheriff’s department.

I had a friend ask me Monday – “Have you lost your faith in humanity, yet?”

Actually…what has been most surprising has been my own reactions. On Monday, I simmered all day between anger and more angry. I mean who steals from a church? What kind of sick scum does that? I just sort of fumed all day.

Then God started speaking to me…through the voice of others.

“You realize that if you caught him and he asked – you’d have to help him get even more than what he got, right?” (See Matthew 5:39-42)

“It’s not our stuff, Grant. We’ll be okay.”

“It’s kinda funny when you get to actually experience what you preach about, isn’t it?”

Then I remembered – or was it God helping me remember – my favorite scene in Les Miserables. Not the new one but the one with Liam Neeson/Aslan/Qui Gon Jinn/Ra’s al Ghul. After Jean is caught with the priest’s silver, he’s brought back to face him by the police. It’s in that moment the priest proves he is a man that lives with God’s grace, not just teaches about it.

And it’s a reminder to me that I still have a ways to go in my own walk with Jesus.

It’s just stuff. There’s a lot more at stake than that.


2 thoughts on “Being Robbed

  1. My thoughts went the same way after I heard about your break-in. I thought “Who robs a church?” and the first thing to come into my mind was Jean Valjean. Makes you think about the concept of grace vs. the reality of dispensing it to others. The very definition of grace involves giving it to someone who doesn’t deserve it.


  2. Have you talked to any of the other church pastors who were broken into as well? I wondered if anyone had plans to talk to the man.


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