Manti – Don’t Become Lance

Had this in the draft folder last week and didn’t publish it. A little late but figured I would post it anyway.

Another reason to love Alabama more than Notre Dame – their girlfriends are pretty AND real. Hey–ooo!!!

In all seriousness, I know Manti is just taking a beating right now – and maybe deservedly – but I would like to suggest another perspective.

It’s possible that Manti is both a victim AND a fraud. As in – he got duped, he got embarrassed, then he lied about it then it just got away from him and he had no way to put the toothpaste back in the tube so he just kept it going hoping (against all reality) that nobody would find out.

Then when the reality of NFL teams doing their background checks becomes, well, a reality…the fan gets a little stinky if you know what I mean.

All I am saying is this – there is a possibility that Manti is both.

In fact, I bet if we are honest – we could look at our own lives and find ‘a girlfriend’ story. Hopefully the scale is different. I remember lying about taking candy, then that lie birthed another lie about not even being in the store then that lie birthed another lie about how I had finished all my homework which led to another lie that I really didn’t have any homework and yes, I brushed my teeth as well.

Of course – I was 8.

And I wasn’t trying to win the Heisman.

Alabama did win the national championship that year, though. Some things don’t ever change – but I digress.

If I were close to Manti – I would be telling him to just get it over with and tell the truth. You got punked then you lied about it hoping nobody would find out.

Or he could one day be the next Lance Armstrong. Lie so much you forget what is truth and what isn’t, forget how to be human.

I am not comparing what Manti did to what Lance did. Manti – college prank gone too far. Lance – destroy the integrity of an entire sport leaving a train wreck of lives behind him. Not even close who is the real villain.

But Manti would be foolish to miss The example.


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