Just when you think…

I have a lot of coffee and lunch meetings. Nature of the job and today was no different. Had a 10 am coffee then a noon lunch. Both of them were at the same location – makes it easy.

10.00 AM – Conversation is about faith journey and why have church. We talk about difference of a church with a cruise ship mentality versus a battleship mentality. Great conversation, looking forward to seeing what is next with this person.

12.09 PM – another conversation about faith journey and the struggle to let Jesus have the last word in our lives – not our politics, upbringing, patriotism, identity or whatever else. It’s a real, raw conversation. I like this person and love watching them wrestle with Jesus as they are contemplating what it would mean to start following Him.

In the middle – and I mean middle – of this talk, a young man interrupts us and says to me ‘I’ve been here since 10.30 and have overheard both of your conversations with these people about Jesus. I really need to talk to you.’

That awkward moment of silence.

‘Like, right now?’


‘Tell you what. You going to be around for a bit? I’d like to finish my conversation with my friend here first. Then can we talk?’

‘Sure. Can I use your phone in the meantime?’

Another awkward moment of silence.

‘Sure. What is the number?’

‘I was just going to take it over there to use it.’

‘I don’t think so. You are welcome to use my phone right here sitting next to me.’

So he did.

My friend and I finished our conversation. The guy was waiting for me.

It was….an enlightening conversation. Left him my number and email address. I have no idea what – if anything – will come of it.

But the more I open myself up to just following the Spirit – I think this is going to be the norm. Just talking with people about Jesus.

And that’s a good thing.


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