Why You Dissin’ on Taylor Swift

So the latest Hollywood hobby is jammin’ Taylor Swift.

I’m not a Taylor Swift fan….but…I honestly don’t get this.

On deeper reflection – I actually do.

Let me back up to try to give you some context.

Taylor Swift recently said in an interview – “There is a special place in hell for those women who don’t support other strong women.”

That’s a pretty strong statement. So I decided to do some research on the comment. A woman comic recently took jabs at Swift by saying that the reason she has so many breakups is because ‘she’s still a virgin’ and after 2 weeks of dating, guys aren’t down for that. Piling on top of that statement was Tina Fay and friend at Golden Globes – telling Swift to stay away from Michael J. Fox’s son.

Then came Swift’s response.

So what to make of this?

Here’s what I make of it. The Hollywood Press Machine either think we are really, really stupid OR they are the idiots. Maybe it’s a little of both.

Apparently I’m supposed to be okay with the Kardashians, Justin Bieber, Lindsay Lohan, Brittany Spears, Christina A., Miley Cyrus, Justin T. and a host of other teeny boppers who start out cute then “grow up” which really isn’t growing up. It’s being completely immature and hedonistic.

I’m supposed to be okay with those people getting arrested, getting drunk, being selfish, celebrating their misguided, unimportant journey of self-pleasure. I’m supposed to be okay with them “becoming more adult with their audience”? But Taylor’s journey of trying to remain decent, sober, clean, and handling herself with some self-respect – that I’m supposed to mock and make fun of?

It’s stupid crazy logic but I’m shocked at how many people are falling for this.

I like Tina Fay – normally. She’s funny and sharp. I’m guessing she did mean her joke in the best way possible. And I’m guessing that she’s poked at the rest of the crew I mentioned earlier. But I understand Taylor Swift’s perspective in this – work hard, write your songs, stay out of trouble, don’t act like a spoiled, rotten jerk – and you still get made fun of and teased and insulted by the Hollywood crowd.

It doesn’t add up and maybe it’s my fault for expecting common sense from that side of our country. But I find it a bit disturbing that the life of Charlie Sheen and others are celebrated. At the expense of those who seem to have a decent head on their shoulders.

I’m not a huge Taylor Swift fan. But I have two daughters that are. And I’m okay with that. Much better than the alternatives.


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