Holy Collision of Stories

Photo Mar 27, 10 26 21 AM

This originally appeared as a weekly devo on whillschurch.org

My spring break didn’t turn out like I thought it would. That’s not a complaint – just an observation. The stuff we planned – didn’t happen and the stuff we “stumbled on” did.

Ran into a friend at Chick-fil-a (where else, right?) that told us about how teams had open practice for FREE at the Sprint Center the day before their NCAA opening round games. So we went. And then we ran into other friends and told them about it. And in return they told us about a place where it is wall to wall trampolines and you can jump to your face falls off. So we all ended up having this incredible day.

None of those things we had planned out. They all just sort of…happened. The story that we thought we were going to experience over Spring Break didn’t materialize. So we got to experience a different story instead. It was cool to see how these stories collided with each other and how that collision produced a larger story that was so much fun to be a part of.

This happens all the time around us. How often do we see it? Do we notice it? Do we see the larger story being written around us and through us?

Every story is the merger of at least three other stories. There is my story, your story and then God’s story. As we seek to merge our story with God’s we discover that He is pleased to merge our story with others along the way. In fact, our story is not possible without the story of others. God is pleased to work this way – blending and overlapping and at times colliding our stories to make a larger, more beautiful work of art.

Easter is the pinnacle of this. Think of these collisions…

Peter and the girl at the fire as she asks him – ‘aren’t you one of those guys that followed Jesus?’
The soldier who was just showing up for work and would end of losing an ear…then getting it back.
The man who showed up for Passover week to only be forced to carry Jesus’ cross.
Barrabas getting to experience first hand what Easter was really about – freedom.
Pilate and his insecurities as a leader facing an angry mob.
Pilate and his wife who had more discernment and courage then he did.
Two criminals with a death sentence who ‘happen’ to be crucified with Jesus.
The priest that was on duty when the holy of holies veil was ripped in two.
The men from Emmaus who would in a few short days be walking with the man they were watching die.
The soldiers who drew guard duty on Sunday morning.
Men who thought they wielded power waking up on Sunday morning to the ‘rumors’ of Jesus’ resurrection.

Theses were people who had their schedule, had their plan and then — it didn’t happen. Their story was changed. It was a holy collision of sorts – one that would drastically change their lives forever. Holy collisions work like this – they ambush us, interrupt us. But to the one who is paying attention – there is a larger story unfolding.

One that is deep and overwhelming. And beautiful and scary. And life-changing.

And your story is part of the larger one God is writing. He is using and writing your story with this end in mind – to collide you with others so that through this collision a larger story will emerge. A story where all will have the chance to know Him. Can you see this? Do you see Easter as part of this?

The joy of walking with Jesus comes in the realization of this. Understanding that there is a larger work of art being formed, that you are a part of it but not the point of it. Waiting and watching for these other stories to collide with yours. To see what God does next.


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