Prayer For the City Leaders of Topeka

I was asked to open City Council meeting last night with prayer. It was the first meeting with our new mayor and 5 new Council members. I started thinking about this prayer and did some asking around of some guys about prayers for such occasions.

What I ended up praying is the combining of a couple of prayers some pastors pointed me to. The only thing that would have been better — reading this in the voice of Morgan Freeman. Because we all know he was pretty much the best God Hollywood ever cast.

Heavenly Father,

First of all, thank You for this entity and what it represents and that is freedom. The freedom to vote, to choose, to disagree. The freedom to worship or not worship, to believe or not believe. It’s this freedom that You endowed in all of humanity. Something our forefathers called inalienable rights, even when it is used in ways that You did not intend.

In the scriptures You taught that citizens ought to obey the governing authorities since You have established those very authorities to promote peace and order and justice. You teach us to seek to prosper the city, to heal the city. It is for this reason that I pray for our outgoing mayor as well as new one, our new city council members, our city officials, and for this assembled council.

I am asking that You would graciously grant them:

Wisdom to govern amid the conflicting interests and issues of our times.
A sense of the welfare and true needs of our people.
A keen thirst for justice and rightness.
A supreme confidence in doing what is good for our city.
The ability to work together in harmony even when there is honest disagreement.

I pray personal peace and joy in the lives of our leaders as they serve our city.

I pray for the agenda set before them tonight and in the weeks and months ahead.

Give them an assurance of what would please You, what would benefit those who live and work in our great city of Topeka.

I humbly ask these things in your Name, Amen.


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