Movie Review: Despicable Me 2


So here is the situation with Despicable Me 2 – we went to see this twice and it was sold out both times. People who did go see it have all told us how awesome it was. And I am a huge fan of the first movie.

So expectations were high.

Expectations were not met.

To be fair – I am not sure how much of this is because it seemed to take forever for the story to get going OR the idiot behind me giving me the play by play.

‘Oh, man I saw that coming.’

I wanted to turn around and say – ‘Dude – this is an animated kids flick. You honestly think it’s that complicated to figure out what is next?’

I didn’t. Then his kid threw something in the middle of the movie and hit me in the back of the head.

I am getting to the point where I just hate going to the movies and would just soon watch it on my home system.

But I digress …

It was a good family movie with plenty of laughs. The Minions have a more prominent role in the film and they just cute enough and funny enough to keep you interested. Gru/Steve Carroll is perfect.

But it does not hold up to the original. The sequel doesn’t really advance the ball a whole lot.

It would be a great renter for the whole family.


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