The Next Three Messages

Not sure I’ve ever been so focused and ready to teach a series of messages like these next three.

What would make me say that?

This Sunday (July 14): Soldier, Son, Saint, and Sinner
4 stories of brokenness and vulnerability from Luke 7. The key nugget – we will never experience breakthrough in our relationship with Jesus without first getting completely vulnerable with Him. And that vulnerability is best when it is our choosing.

Next Sunday (July 21): Why We Love, Live, Serve, Multiply
Nothing new here – but the simplicity of Jesus’ call and mission to His church. And how we often get confused and distracted with other stuff that sounds good and is good – but isn’t God’s call on His people.

The Next Sunday (July 28): How We Love, Live, Serve, Multiply
Knowing the mission is not even half the battle. It’s like 0.5% of it. 99% of all churches know the mission to make disciples and serve all people. Putting that mission in action is what matters. And this message highlights the key ways we’ve chosen to incarnate God’s mission through us in Topeka.

If you are part of the Western Hills family – I can’t stress how important the next three Sundays are. We will be recording them – video and audio – but I think you will be blessed, challenged, and encouraged by being here.

How are these 3 messages connected? The last two are pretty obviously connected but after all these years of ministry, I’m more convinced that God cares less about strategies and more about the brokenness and dependency upon from His people. And that’s why the first message (the one this Sunday) is so important.

Until the church (meaning people) is broken and dependent before God – there isn’t going to be much breakthrough. That applied both individually and corporately.


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