It’s been a good week when…

You get to help some parents talk through baptism with their child that has just accepted Christ.

You pray with a city official over a decision they have to make.

You connect with a pastor of a different race and he invites you to sit down with his peers to talk about race relations in the city of Topeka.

You get asked by this same pastor if you’d come preach at his all-black church.

You say only if he will come preach at your mostly white church.

You drop off 33 students at Super Summer on Monday who don’t really know each other, are learning a new youth pastor, and one that has only been to church 2 times in their life.

You have volunteers start a prayer time on Wednesday nights.

You show back up on Thursday to a student ministry that sits together, loves on each other and yes – teases one another.

All of your students ask you – ‘Can we keep him?’ (Yes, we are.)

You get to pray with one of your best friends.

You have one of your students stand up in the closing session in front of 400+ students and say – “I decided to give my life to Christ this week.”

You have another student demand to be baptized this week during church.

You can list about 4 other things that you can’t put on your blog…yet.

Who knows what will happen tomorrow at our service. May just explode.


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