Random Thought On Parenting Teens

There is never going to be an explanation for the blindness of teenagers in their own house. There must be something bacterial or maybe it is viral, I don’t know. But the ability to walk past a piece of luggage that needs to be taken downstairs 125 times without once even glancing at it astounds me.

I have a project going on. Currently I am in day 5. I put a bag and two sleeping bags in the floor where my kids most often hang out and play. I’m wondering how long it will stay there before one of them decides to put it up. At first, I was hopeful that maybe within 7 days but I am quickly realizing, this could be a long-term project.

Clothes, books, trash, cups, plates – they are invisible to the teenage eye. The teenage eye can’t see that the trash or recycling needs to be taken out however, it will spot within ounces if someone gets more ice cream than they do. A medical miracle, right there.

Alright…I’m sure I’ll have more later.


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