Moving In The New Guy With Wasps

So we got Parker Dane into his new house today. Got his room set up, washer hooked up. Got his grill on the back deck.

Speaking of the grill…free reminder to everyone out there. When you go to move a grill, just give the underneath of it a glance before you put your hands all up in there.

I found a wasp’s nest.

You want to know another reason I believe in God? Because somehow I escaped that fiasco with just one little sting. Don’t ask me how. I saw about three wasps flying around me and felt the one sting on my arm and figured I was in for a very long, no good day.

But alas I escaped.

Thank you, Jesus.

One of the worst days I’ve ever had was the day I found a yellow jacket’s nest in the woods. Like most ignorant boys in the woods – the thought ran across my mind – wouldn’t be awesome to set this thing on fire?

Of course, the answer to that question is yes. An 11 year-old mind can’t fathom would could possibly go wrong. All it can see is the wondrous glory of fire and smoke.

It didn’t end well. On multiple levels. First, it didn’t catch fire so there was no pay off of seeing that that next go up in flames. Second, my sister – who is younger than me – was telling me the whole time…’this is a bad idea.’ Which is only partially true. If we somehow could have thought through a contraption to set fire to the nest while being about a mile away – that would have been better.

Not only did I get to experience the barbed stingers of multiple Yellow Jackets but I’m pretty sure my sister escaped with no stings. So yeah – there’s that.

Fortunately, I am not allergic to wasps or bees or yellowjackets or hornets.

But I still would love to see a nest catch on fire.


2 thoughts on “Moving In The New Guy With Wasps

  1. Son, you do know that yellow jackets nest in the ground? A better way to rid yourself of these pesty little sons of guns is to pour a little gasoline into the hole then stuff a rag into the hole with a stick. Do Not, I repeat, Do Not ignite the rag, you can not run fast enough.


    1. This is good to know. I did know that about yellow jackets. They also make nests in those papery mounds. They take a light wry nicely without gas.

      So I’ve heard.


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